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Chosen Engravings, LLC
Thanks for your interest in Chosen Engravings.

In business since 2013, our mission is to provide the best service and products within our line of inventory.  Many of our products are unique with each engraved item created and designed on-site. No two items are exactly the same. The positioning by hand on the engraving machine, as well as each item's characteristics, such as in the wood grain, provide individual attributes.  The uniqueness, also, limits the amount of stocked inventory, so if you see something you like best to purchase it while available. We try to make the prices competitive; however, on the same token, we are creating and providing specialized products.  Your support, in any manner, for this specialized business is most welcomed.  Because of our young company production, we are limited to only offer refunds on defective products (please, see "Policies, Terms and Conditions"). 

We strive to make your selection comfortable and easy, with explanations and representative pictures.  You are welcome to contact us at anytime, however, email is the best venue as while you shop we're likely to be in the workshop.  We look forward to each of your visitations, even if it's just to browse for encouragement, and hopefully a few smiles.

If some of the words or expressions on the items are unfamiliar to you, please, click on Glossary in the header.

We will be adding extra features over the next few months, so come back regularly.

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